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Originally Posted by Daemon View Post
Here's the strange thing about that. I know of several (at least 3 off the top of my
head) local AMA insured RC fields that are relatively close to active airports.
Two of them within spitting distance (3.4-5 miles) of the largest airport (area-wise) in the US.
AMA sanctioned thermal duration contests are held at one regularly throughout the
year, and they fly 3+meter planes to the limits of visibility (over a mile). Airport
knows they're there and they work around each other although direct
communication between RC fields and airport is rare. While I'm obviously
not advocating flying FPV planes into full-scale traffic patterns, one has to be
careful saying FPV planes can't be flown near full scale airports, because it's
already common practice for many others in the RC world to do it, and it would
not surprise me if AMA insured RC fields end up being the only place FPV piloting
is still legal after the new sUAS regs come out.

I suppose one way to structure the self rules would be.. If you're *not* at an AMA
field operating under their specific guidelines then don't fly within X miles of an airport
without the permission of the tower (there is precedent for that).

I can do you one better. At the Gadsden, AL airport. The airport itself was used as an RC Field for about 20 years (through the turn of the century), holding many R/C Pattern, Fun-Fly & Combat events during the year. with the simple rule being "fly short of the actual runway".
I don't like the cover all "Don't fly within X distance of an airport". I know R/C fields that would be currently illegal under said regulations & in many cases you can get into "why is an aircraft flying outside of traffic/runway patterns under building & terrain heights" in our local cases.

ya, i'd expect a big separation with "hobby" type equipment too.
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