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Difference between #11 and #16

I hate cross-posting (I never do it), but mabe this is a case where it's just about acceptable. I promise I won't do this again .
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Originally Posted by yovio View Post
Sorry for newbie question, what's the different between #11 and #16?
Both cameras record excellent HD videos.
The #11 has a bad "color hunting" problem when light conditions change, like when the camera quickly moves between light and darker areas. All low-end video cameras have this problem to a certain extent, but it is very noticeable in the #11. The #16 is much better.
Color saturation in the #11 produces colors that do not reflect the real colors. The #16 produces much more realistic colors, but some people may prefer the unnatural, rich colors of the #11. Someone called these "Kodachrome" colors.
Images are slightly sharper in the #16 due to the new lens and edge vignetting is better.
In my preliminary tests, I find the #16 does not get as warm as the #11. The manufacturer states that the circuit design is much better which will add to stability.
Two large crystal "cans" which exist in the #11 and may have been the cause of malfunction are gone forever.
The battery in the #11 was soldered to the board. In the #16 it is user-replaceable.
The lens module in the #16 is (user) replaceable.
In the #11 you have to flash different firmware for different functions, like with / without timestamp, and video length. On rare occasions, flashing firmware in the #11 could brick the camera. Flashing firmware in the #16 is a much safer process and is indicated by a flashing LED. With the #11 there is no indication which can lead to premature button pressing which can interrupt the flashing process and lead to corrupted firmware.
The #11 needs a "special" cable for recording with external power. The #16 uses a standard USB cable.
The #11 battery was charged in about an hour. The #16 needs about 2.5 hours because charging is monitored by a hardware chip. This should lead to longer battery life. Battery life of #11 cameras was very short, often only a few months.
That's about it for the comparisons, unless I've forgotten something.

The #16 has a whole bunch of features that can be configured with a simple Windows program. You can't configure the #11.

Configurable functions in the #16:
- Length of video clips. Automatic stop/save/continue.
- Loop recording yes/no
- Recording Indicator on/of
- Video Data Rate
- Auto shut-off time or disabled
- Audio recording volume or no sound recording
- Video frame size

Both cameras are great, but the #16 is greater .
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