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In the beginning...

I would like to take this opportunity to specially thank Tom for all the hard work that he has done, and is continuing doing, for this camera.

He contacted me a few months ago and asked me if I would consider writing a configuration utility (GUI) for the upcoming #16 (#11 plus/ultra/ultimate/elite etc. at that time).
I was absolutely delighted as this would be a change to my daily work programming gigantic, ultra complicated and messy applications.

After a few months of silence, the developer was almost ready. OMG, I was taken almost by surprise . From then on, things went very fast indeed. Luckily I could use the time-setting programs that I had previously written for the #11 as a base.
I went thru many beta versions, and Tom was more than helpful. Actually, most of the current layout is based on his ideas. We discussed a LOT of different options. The program's appearance may not be to everyone's likes - no skins and the like... But it's functional! We decided on a larger font for the sake of ease of reading, and we spent a long time on deciding on the colors. And there were those darn ToolTips, and the integrated Help, and, and, and.

Of course it's possible to set the parameters using a text editor, like Tom initially did, but that method can be error prone. It also requires a bit of computer knowledge.

At this point I must mention the developer and everyone (that's YOU and I) who participated in Tom's previous #11 thread. The developer listened to us all! He most probably read almost every post in Tom's #11 thread and realized what a great camera he had already produced. There was no stopping him incorporating the most requested features into his new, the #16, camera. So THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

As a last note, which is just an assumption, I suspect that the resources (memory) must be pretty much depleted, so I doubt if it's possible to add any more code-intensive functionality to the camera. Of course, if more parameters can be added, I'll also modify the configuration utility.
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