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Survey- New Micro Brushless motor

I know many of the major manufactures read this board, so that is why I’m starting this tread, hopefully to get their attention on the product we desire in this hobby. It seems as though GWS has sold over a million of their hot little motors and if not there yet, at the rate the Pico Sticks and Tiger Moths are selling, it won’t be long. So we ask why are these motors selling like hotcakes? Well because it is a great little motor that can perform well, but also because all of us hobbyist have a little Tim Allen in us, and tend to cook the motors trying to get “MORE POWER --- ARH ARH ARH”. We all know that GWS rates the motors at 6 cells or less, but who really does that? Guess we really don’t mind a little mishap from time to time. So what point are you getting at? Well hold on, I’m getting there. Lets say if one of the major manufactures were able to produce a small brushless motor that performed like the GWS motor or better. We all know about the Astro 010, which in a very small package is able to way out produce its cousin motor the Speed 280, or even perform similar to its way larger brother the Speed 400 at way less current. And with out brushes to burn out, this becomes the IDEAL motor. But do to the growing demand on park fliers, Electronics and motors have gotten smaller. We all want the perfect little plane we can fly right out side our front porch, or in a small park, and that is why I believe the Speed 280 is being replaced with the smaller GWS 180. So here is my question, lets say a brushless motor about the size of the GWS 180 or smaller came to the market, and was able to perform as well or better than the GWS 180, how many of us would like to purchase one? I’m sure if we can get manufactures attention if we were to show enough support the product. So I’m asking everyone who might want to see this as a future product to vote, a simple reply saying “Yea I would take one” or “Put me on the list” or how ever you would like to speak your mind.

I believe if we were able to get over a thousand replies, that we could get the attention of someone out there. So cast your vote and tell others to at least read what I have to say.

Thanks to everyone who participates
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