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Had a motor come loose from the mount in a full throttle dive, just about murdered myself LOL
Managed to pull it up, turn 180 deg and land with no issues.
Second time (same motor, my fault for not using loctite) I was at cruise power in a shallow climb.
Motor stayed plugged in but hanging below the cowling, another fine landing.
You just have to chop power as soon as you see it yawing one way or the other.
After that it's a matter of getting it to glide back to a safe landing spot.

I set mine up with differential thrust just so I could practice engine out procedures.
Takes a good 5-7 seconds before it becomes uncontrollable.
That should be plenty of time, but in reality, when you're having a blast strafing kittens and whatnot, 5 seconds is over pretty quick...especially when you're doing aerobatics and it masks the yawing initially (like a roll or spin).
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