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Originally Posted by vhuang168 View Post
I think it depends on where the arf was originally from. I had a good 80+ flights with my v2 from BH before a lvc cut 1 motor on final turn and stalled the plane. Went in hard and was totaled.

The P51 is from Starmax iirc but I have no experience with their electronics.

But everyone's take on OEM electronics are colored by their past experiences and mine have been very good. I've yet to have any OEM electric failures (think I may have just jinxed myself) so ymmv.

I've had a few P-38's (e-flite, this one) and other twins. I believe what you experienced was lipo battery too low (lvc as you said). especially on twins when your lipo gets too low, one side shuts down before the other. on an A-10, it's not a big deal, when it happens on a P-38 for some reason, they flip up, roll over and spiral in, in an instant. (damn prop planes )
I woud not say that was any electronic failure, but battery to weak or too low. I had it happen earlier in a flight once when I had a bad weak lipo. I didn't know it was bad, it hand launched fine, I flew around the circuit, then throttled up, the pack sagged, one side cut, flip up, over and spiral in. and that was on the e-flite which is made of cheap foam. should be able to fix an EPO J-Power P-38 unless it starts on fire.
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