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Originally Posted by RICH S View Post
Got the red spacer in the rear wheel, the gyro works great the plastic housing just wears out after 20 or so runs. On our clutches on nitro heli's we actually use a liner material ,and replace once in a while but it lasts quite a while. So all rc bikes use the "turn left to go right" steering set-up? I put the dirt tires back on, will it run on pavement at all with them to practice a little with? The snow is disappearing for a while, maybe I'll get a few more runs
Take a picture of your plastic housing where its turning to dust. This is from the gyro clutch plates right? Is it the sides of the housing or outer circumfrance wearing out? If its the sides, you need to shim the housing. If its the outer, check to make sure the gap plates can spread is between 2.5-3mm, if its more, the loctite didnt hold is my guess. Just my 2 cents.
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