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Solo Pro 125, pre production flight video and pics

I got my hands on the new Solo Pro 125 today and I must say, I think Nine Eagles did a nice job on this one.

Have a look first and then I will add a few observations.

Solo Pro 125, pre-production test flight (2 min 1 sec)

Solo Pro 125 pre production (3 min 8 sec)

Pictures next to a Genius CP for size comparison:

First off, there's a possibility that there is a 6 axis implementation on this as there is a small button on the RX and we are not sure what it's for.

It looks a lot liek the Genius CP, but it's not a copy of the Genius CP by any means. It's an original design from what I can tell, and it has some distincy advantages over uts close competitor the Genius CP.

The landing skids are replaceable and they seem very durable. They can flex over and over again and they return to their shape without kinking, cracking or any fracture lines. The kind of plastic Nine Eagles used on those skid appear to be very durable for this type of application.

The tail boom is longer than the tail boom on the Genius CP, which I believe will give the Solo Pro an edge over the GCP in terms of tail authority.

The motors are both brushed motors but the Solo pro comes stock with heat sink on the main motor. This is a nice addition to a brushes setup, I think.

The main gear has nice big teeth compared to the solo pro 100D main gear, and the gear itself is much larger in diameter. I think the gears will be a lot more sturdy on this one compared with the problematic gears on the 100D

The main shaft is CNC and the head seems very durable.

On the downside, there are no adjustments pots on the RX and this heli uses the J6 transmitter which only has one model memory. Hopefully Nine Eagles can implement the use of the new X6 transmitters for this heli.

The servos seem very tiny, and they read 1.9 grams, although they responded very well when I flew the heli.

In high rates with the stock settings, the heli was very nimble and very aggressive. But with the dual rates activated, it was easy to just hover around the room. The heli actually feels very stable. The gyro seems to be doing a good job because the heli required very few corrections to hover nicely.

It was also nice to see that the Solo pro 125 doesn't have a slow yaw drift issue like the Genius CP does.

The white blades and white undercarriage of the canopy is easier to see in the distance than the dark colors on the Genius CP.

The main blades are made of very durable and very flexible plastic much like the GCP.

All in all, I see only good things about this heli except two things; The transmitter which I believe isn't adequate for a collective picth heli like this one and the battery tray is too small to accommodate 240mAh hyperions batteries. The stock batteries that come with this heli are 200mAh batteries.

If you consider the heat sink, the longer tail boom, the removable landing gear and the absence of the yaw problem which is not good on the Genius CP, I 'd say this heli is certainly giving Walkera a good run for their money. This heli may actually be a better heli than the Walkera Genius CP.

And this is all the info I have at this point.

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