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Originally Posted by sfakias View Post
Hello all.
I have two issues with my ET system setting up that I have not been able to fix.
- The first one has to do with the second battery voltage monitoring. I use a 15kΩ resistor probe and have selected "use temp B for voltage B". On the OSD screen the numerical value of volts, and the graphical depiction, look normal. But at the data recorder laptop software, the value displayed for V2 is way off: about 45-46 volts for a 3s1p LiPo! How can I fix the value displayed on the laptop?
- The second one has to do with the RSSI measurement. I have connected my turnigy 9X V2 rx RSSI pin (according to this post)to middle pin of temp 1 port of the ET OSD, and have selected "use temp A for RSSI". However, I experience an erratic behavior with displayed RSSI values from 0 to about 40 on the OSD, and negative RSSI values on the data recorder software. I originally had RSSI values ranging from 0 to 100 randomly (still negative on laptop), but it was when I used Carlyle method during servo wizzard, so the rc tx was not actually off for the OSD to record the "off" level of RSSI. Then, I tried turning off the rc tx during the servo wizzard, and it only seems to change the range of the variation, but not the variation itself. Do I need a buffer, or another way to set it up?

I attach a photo and a link to a vid that shows what I am talking about.

I run 10.12 and all the latest firmware.

Thank you for your help.
The pc software does not yet display the second battery voltage or RSSI indication correctly, it is still displaying the data as a temperatures.

It is highly recommended to use a buffer between the eLogger and receiver so the eLogger does not load up the receiver and cause unexpected behaviour.

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