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Sorry guys, no news yet, will post if I hear back with any details.

Dave are u using one single 2 Watt 10 Ohm resistor spliced inline to the positive lead for each of the fans? Thatís 2 fans = 2 resistors per supply.

It should work without load when powering up no prob, but your charger should be pre-connected for regular operations otherwise you will trip it, or cause major unnecessary arcing, or damage charger, or all the above.

If hooked up correctly with a resistor to each of the fans and motherboard doesnít like it, then try stepping up the speed a bit with a 2W 6.2Ohm or similar. The 10Ohm left mine right on the fine line of tripping an error, but kept chugging along. Manufacture tolerance differences may push yours over that line. If it wonít run with a 6.2Ohm then something is off from norm, or PS has changed how it reads an error.

I donít make or program these things, all I am doing is sharing what has worked for me successfully. I can only imagine if you are having problems then itís down to tolerance variations in resistors, manufacturing components, serial #, motherboard boundaries, input voltage....??

Be sure wiring is clean and not shorting out on anything & soldier inline even to test, donít just touch or twist resistor in. Hope that helps.

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