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Originally Posted by jlk69 View Post
BTW Daryoon informed me that Blade SR 120 tail boom is the same as the Solo Pro/9958/mSr main shaft and you can get 3 main shafts from 1 tail boom. I got one on order from my LHS.
Yup. Just remember there are two SR120 tail boom set. One with motor, and one without.

The one without motor is what you would want. It's only $3.50.

Alternatively, HobbyKing seems to sell the correct sized hallow CF tube. However, it's always on back order so I have yet to try them.

I think with the v911 being, according to HeliPal, so close to the Solo Pro that some parts are swappable...I think there's a very good chance that its' main RX can be installed on to a Solo Pro. If this is the case, it is very welcome news indeed. I will definitely have to get a board just so I can be able to control my Solo Pro with my Turnigy 9x. It will complete it for me as I already have my mSR and 9958 controlled by my 9x.

If you are handy, and have been following to know which parts are the crème de la crème, you can put together a very nice heli and TX for a relatively low cost.

Building from parts will save you a good bit in shipping. Especially if you plan on building a few. But keep in mind that the RTF kit has a pretty nice TX and charger, as well as spare blade. So make sure to factor those in to the equation.

When building from parts, I like the lower cost of the v911 parts. Except the main shaft, head and collar...I would probably source from the Solo Pro. Simply because it comes as a set there for about $2 and the shaft is carbon fiber.

Anyone know if the v911 needs canopy grommets? What about the bearings for the frame. I noticed that they didn't have these in the spare parts listing. Also, I see the servo link ends, but not the threaded rod that generally goes with them. In this case, buying the linkage set from Solo Pro may be the better option. As long as the ball size between the v911 and Solo Pro are exactly the same. Can you guys that have both shed some light on how interchangeable are the parts between the SP and v911?
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