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Thank you Matt for the pictures and Pete for the additional information. It would appear I am being given some creative liberties regarding the final appearance by virtue of the sheer lack of information available. I'm not sure if this is a blessing or a curse since "creative liberties" is quite often the cause of "builder's block" since the goal becomes less apparent and the rethinking process gets in the way of progress. I had hoped to avoid this to expedite the build but I'll have to resolve myself to powering through those indecisive moments and just get 'er done.


Great looking models, can't even tell which one is the bigger of the two and the covering on both looks top notch.

In the second pic it looks as if the cockpit surround is bare varnished wood while the aft section is linen covered. This is hard to tell from the pictures Matt has provided so I will be deferring to your expertise on the design practices of the day to confirm such matters.

While I like to incorporate lamitating for its strength to weight ratio, I'm going to try and keep this one as simple as possible so basswood for the spars it is. Regarding the leading edge dowel, since the ribs are specifically cut for a dowel I thought this might be something readily available. The idea of sanding something 30+" long into a consistent round so as to fit into a precut rib sounds a bit daunting. Nothing I can't deal with but I may just notch the ribs to accept a square balsa piece tipped 45 degrees and sand to shape, if you don't object.

I understand how the four front bracings connect to the center point of the axle and the aft outboard rigging is to control wing warp but where does the aft inboard rigging attach below the wing? I hate to be a pest about such things but without reference material you may be getting a lot of questions like this. If your not up to answering them I understand, just tell me to do whatever I want (I'm gonna anyway )
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