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Originally Posted by doxilia View Post

What do you have in mind for power and retracts on these birds?

I have a framed up Super Pacer with a 1500 kV Rimfire and mechanical retracts but it is to be covered yet. Very light at 40 oz AUW with battery (4s 2650).

No TB framed up yet but I plan to build a UFO 25 laser cut first. That one will be on a piped ST 29 and electric trike gear.


Sounds like we have similar tastes...

I have pipes for the OS 25FXs that I flew in combat and originally planned on using for the Super Pacer and the TB before I decided to go electric. I flew my first SP with probably a K&B in the mid Seventies that was Goldberg retract equipt. and always wanted another one. I have the fuse and tail feathers done and one wing almost framed up on the new one.

While I have been flying mostly electrics now for a year and half, they have been smaller foamie 3D/pattern ships with the largest being a blue foam 42" GRX-V1 (and now very recently, an all terrain (snow, grass, water, pavement Polaris 120), so I am not really familiar with motors anything larger than for 27 oz airplanes. I have been doing a little research on power systems for the SP and TB (which should be around (hopefully less) than 3.5lbs, and am looking at the Turnigy G25 870kv motor which is supposed to be similar to a .25. I will look at the Rimfire you have and maybe order it instead. I am not even sure at this point I need to go to a BEC (or whatever). I will be using 5 HS-81s, so I don't think I will need to, but maybe it would be best. My XPS receiver has a very low voltage threshold and never has glitched, while the various Hitec's glitched all the time (only in e-systems, not with 14 years of flying them in nitro ships). I thought it was the cell towers we now have to fly near, but is was due to lower voltage that the receivers did not like.

I still have a couple of sets of the Goldberg retracts from my old SP, but I ran across and ordered a set of HKs that are good for up to 5 lbs and need one inch of depth in the wing. Price was less then 10 bucks shipped. I am going conventional gear.

I will be using the old style Dirty Birdy canopy because I think it makes the DB sassier looking, even though not as sleek as the DB 20.

40ozs is very light!...good job! I am hoping for less than 48, but am not really trying too hard. What I learn from this SP will help me build a lighter DB.

Your UFO sounds like it will be awesome...that ship is also on my build list.

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