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Telemetry systems

I know nothing about Telemetry systems for R/C and wonder how a person flying an R/C model would ever be able to use these systems. It is dangerous and can be very costly to take your eyes off an R/C model for even a second. Visually reacquiring the airplane can be extremely difficult and in the short time of not seeing it, it can either fly out of sight; or, crash! Just to look down at my transmitter to see how Long I have flown seems dangerous enough to me!

I should think airspeed and altitude to be the information that would be the most popular. If it were just one or the other an audible tone could work, maybe one for each ear. Beyond this, it would almost seem to me that a second person is needed to relay information to the pilot.

Or, is telemetry only of interest to people involved in UAVs/FPVs?

I just don't see how the data transmitted on a telemetry system can be relayed to the pilot without risk to the airplane! Certainly, looking down at your cell phone to see the data won't work as your hands are both busy flying the airplane!
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