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PED Products Camera Mount

This mount was briefly mentioned in a few user posts a while back, and I recently obtained one with multiple base attachments and have a few observations that are not obvious in the product web pages here:
  • First, this is no hastily concocted flimsy plastic mount! The plastic is thick and appears very durable with some nice design features.
  • There are SIX points of support for the camera case!
    • Two rubber "bumpers" at the front
    • Two soft rubber pads on the bottom (front and back)
    • One machine screw stud (rubber-clad) at the rear
    • One latch at the aft end
    In short, the camera is held VERY secure when snapped into place, and will not vibrate or move around in the mount (see photos 1 & 2).
  • The camera appears to be angled slightly and off center at the rear when latched in the mount... and it is, but apparently for good reason! The camera case has a curved front with the lens offset to one side and fitted flush (normally) with the curve of the case. This angles the lens view slightly left of where the camera case centerline is pointing. This mount locates the aft end of the camera slightly off center, via the machine screw stud, which apparently put the lens view axis back parallel with the axis of the camera mount! So when the mount is "aimed" where you want it, the camera will be also! The machine screw stud is located in a slotted hole, so it can be moved slightly to precisely align a given camera if the lens is slightly canted inside the camera case. Neat! (see photos 2 & 3)
  • The camera is located recessed back in the mount frame (see photo 3). My concern that the mount opening might obstruct the #11HD wide field of view were unfounded. The recessed lens location makes the case act as an effective lens shield, preventing unwanted light outside the field of view from striking the lens when shooting near the sun, minimizing lens flare and washout! This also allows space to adhere a small glass lens cover inside the mount frame if desired to keep dirt, water splashes, etc. from hitting the lens. And if the rest of the camera case were wrapped in a layer of plastic sandwich wrap, the whole camera would be pretty resistent to rain or other water splashes. But PED is developing a shield specifically for these purposes, so there should soon be another better solution.
  • I found the "V-bottom" axial rail built into the bottom of the main mount bracket (see photo 3) to seat very firmly on the bill of a ball cap, either on the top or the bottom, secured with a screw into the bill of the cap, making a secure CapCam mount which stays in alignment.
  • Finally, I discovered an inherent risk with some cameras if the user is not careful when inserting the camera into the mount. When my flash card is latched in my camera, the corners of the flash card slightly protrude outside the case of the camera, and the card slot is in close proximity to the mount frame when inserted (see photo 4). As I was pushing my camera into the front of the mount, I unknowingly pushed the corner of the flash card, causing it to unlatch from it's holder and interfere with the mount frame when I was trying to latch the aft end of the camera into the mount. Everything... camera, flash card, and mount are about the same black color, so I did not see the problem when the camera would not snap into position in the mount. And not knowing the first time how much force it should take to seat the camera in the mount, I pushed a bit harder. The camera then snapped into position, but I didn't like the "snap sound"... thought I had broken the mount latch. A close look confirmed the mount latch is designed to deflect sufficiently for the camera to be seated without over-stressing the plastic, so it was then I discovered what you have already guessed... I broke the flash card! (see photo 5) This was user error, not a design problem with the camera or the mount, but one that deserves an alert here if anyone uses one of these mounts.
If you have a need to move/mount this camera on different types of equipment, the multiple securement method options of this package is a good way to do it while getting the same camera alignment every time you move it.

<Edit 4/26/2012> A slip on weather cover with replaceable lens windows is now available. It covers the top and sides of the entire camera and the holder (photos 6 and 7). While this does not protect the camera if it is fully submerged in water, it is well designed to protect it from rain, splashes, etc. that could occur in above ground use.

The vendor has also announced he is now a re-seller of the #16 HD keychain camera (reportedly obtained from one of the verified Ebay sellers [eletoponline365]. This gives a North America source for the camera (with re-seller markup) if buying from China via Ebay is a concern.

A 25% discount for RC Groups members was also announced by the vendor. Enter "PED-RC" (without the quotes) in the discount code box when you check out to get the discount.
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