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Originally Posted by Reishtak View Post
Apologies if I have missed it - the only thing in the faq seems to suggest that it's a battery issue, which I am fairly sure I don't have....

Am scouring the faqs for the 3rd time today Am I being blind...?
Well, not exactly! There's another post that expands on the brief FAQ post... maybe I can find and link it... thought I had already done that. Thanks for surfacing my oversight!

More specifically, it's caused by low voltage. Normally this is a battery issue, but my Jumbo also has a V E R Y faint sound artifact like that from the get go, so it MIGHT also be caused by slightly different brand or specs of circuit board components on the Jumbo.

Or it still might by caused by a weak battery, which can appear to charge OK, but doesn't hold voltage under load real well. The batteries in the camera are not the high C-rated type we commonly use in our RC planes, so their voltage can sag more under load. Plus, it could just be a bad apple battery (infancy failure).

One way to zero in on the issue is to power the camera via its car charger, and shoot a video that way. That will keep the voltage high throughout the video, so if the sound goes away, it would point to a weak battery problem.

Let us know what you find.
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