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Originally Posted by pcie View Post
So hacksaw, maybe a dremel, hmm. At least I have time to think about my options.

Yes diameter of the hole is too big. I did get some adapters for the prop, but none fit snuggly on the shaft or the prop saver.

I ought to have just ordered the prop Lee suggested.
Don't cut the shaft until you get a prop saver/prop combo you are happy with
If you do decide to shorten the shaft, put the motor in a plastic baggie (seal it up) and poke the shaft through the baggie. The object here is to keep the magnets from sucking all of those little shavings into your motor. Dremel with a fiberglass reinforced cutting wheel makes short work of this job.

I (and probably almost everybody else) have a bunch of those little adapter thingies. Whether or not they will work with that prop is anybody's guess.

I've been using these props with the little red motors and they work out OK too but they are not as cheap as the ones Lee linked and yeah, you have to have the little adapter thingy too.
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