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Originally Posted by Jimmy JFlyer View Post
Hey Scotsoft, if you are still watching this thread, may I ask what your opinion is on the biggest difference in flight characteristics between the S107g and the S108g?

I like the scale looks better, tho it seems the S107g has it in manueverability?
If only so slightly? Or if there is a difference, is it so little as to not matter much.
For me the biggest difference is a historical one, the S107 was the first Syma I bought so it will always be a fav of mine.
For general flying round a room there is not such a difference between them so either one I feel you would be happy with.
You might see in the S107 video I can make the S107 do a sort of nose and tail in "funnels", I cannot get the S108 to do this no matter what I try. I can get the S111G Coastguard to almost do these "tricks" but the S107 is much better doing them.

I like the scale look of the new Syma helis as they look great in the air and even sitting waiting to take off, but they have one drawback. If you need to get inside to do repairs there are more screws to remove before you get to the working parts in a scale heli than you have with the S107. However, read the next part below.

I have flown the Airhogs Havoc and wasn't long before I was adding weight and tweeking that guy for more speed and silly fun. I have flown the 4 chnl Mcx at the LHS without issues.
If you feel you will want to start modding your heli once Santa has been, then the S107 comes top of the list for this purpose. You are probably aware of the many threads here dedicated to modding the S107, so if you eventually plan on modding it has to be the S107. Spare parts are also much more readily available for the S107. You can get spare parts for the scale models but they are not as widely available as they are for the S107.

You write you flew the mCX , the 4ch co-ax helis are much more versatile, I have the mCX, mCX S300, mCX2 and mSR and wonder whether your wonderful, caring understanding wife (let her read this part lol) would go as far as get you a 4ch heli rather than a 3ch one?

These have the scope to be modified and have their own threads in this forum as well as other forums. I think I have only one very short video on You Tube of me flying a 4ch heli, the mCX S300 and it's not a flight video as such, it was to show off an optical illusion of it only having one set of rotor blades.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
I hope my ramblings have given you something to think about
Please feel free to ask me as many questions as you want, I am happy to help where I can.

Your thoughts?
Hi Jimmy

I still lurk here I have filled in some answers under your questions above.

cheers John.
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