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Learnt that the hard way nac.

Looking forward to seeing the american 3dhs fan boys repair their wings with welders and having the thing dissolve away to nothing.

My yak did that and after a couple of flights I realised there was nothing under the epp skin in the repair line. I pealed the skin back, cut up some epp slices and packed it all together with polyurethane glue which as you know expands as it absorbs moisture from the surounds. Gaps filled I added a couple of pieces of 3 mm carbon along the sides of the ply spar and stuck the epp skin back down with uhu por.

I can tell you the yak wing is now stronger than ever, I don't think even I could damage it again in that same spot.

So the MXS seems more stable than the extra300L? I wonder if that is due the the different wing shape or fuselage shape? How does it like the big scorpion 3020 motor? Do you have any issues getting to neutral cg?
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