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thekubiaks, sorry to hear that you got the 1A/1D messages again. Those pertain to the graphics display (and are innocuous), and would not be related to the issue RHash saw. I'll be answering your PM about those later - I'll be sending you a version that disables those completely.

But, I want to confirm that the "stabilizer disconnected" error you saw only happened:
a) when you first set up the Guardian, but did not have the guardian installed.
b) briefly, during USB configuration, power cycling, or similar? It's normal for that message to appear during updates.

In other words, did you see a case where the "stabilizer disconnected" message stayed on the screen, with the guardian connected?
The Stabilizer Disconnected message appeared with the Guardian installed and Guardian activated in firmware. I wasn't doing any updates. The Stabilizer Disconnected message was intermittent when I got the 1A0000 and 1D0000 messages only and for a brief moment. I would see the Stabilizer Disconnected message for less than a second and then it would go away. It has to be something in the Guardian hardware/firmware, I never had a single issue until I installed the Guardian.
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