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Originally Posted by rossdogarr View Post
I started with an $80 kit and the HK machine needs full blue delrin main gears, auto rotation gears, tail drive gears, tail gearbox gears, and bearings on the main shaft, torque tube support shaft, tail drive assembly, and tail gearbox, as well as an auto rotation bearing on the main shaft. Not al of these have failed yet but I am sure they will with time as even after an hour of flight they feel a little gritty when turned. The $500 Align kit INCLUDES all electronics and servos. If you look around you can see that an Align kit without the electronics goes for about $250 so if you take my $80 kit and add up all the parts needed to make it reliable you will come very close to that $250 price for the Align kit. The other issue I did not mention in my other post is that the quality of the hardware in the HK kit is garbage. they work great when fastened ONCE but if you need to remove and re-install them you are surely going to see them strip on either the threads or the screw head. I should also include that in my "parts list" needed to make this a reliable machine.

The bottom line? My old Align Trex 450 SE V2 had almost 100 hours of flight time on it before being retired out of sheer boredom on my part. Nothing on the machine ever failed, ever. The HK kit gave me a mere hour and things went south and considering I am not the first one to mention the issues I had and that they are similar to everyone else's there is clearly a pattern of quality control here. In my opinion the HK helis are like a Ferrari with a VW bug motor in them. They look great, but they don't have it where it counts.
If you had any heli with over 100hrs on it, you should have replaced several parts just for safety. I believe that you were extremely fortunate.

Also, the kit that you mention has standard Align gears from the factory, so why are you comparing apples to oranges? Buy the normal white gears if you want to make the comparison. 450 Parts are extremely cheap, so there is no way that I will believe that you spent $170 for new screws, bearings, and four new gears... Nope not buying it.
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