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Thanks for the great review on the HK450 TT Pro. I've stayed away from Helicopters for years. Because they've always been WAY to expensive for me. But after reading your review, and seeing what's available for so little, I couldn't place my order fast enough!

I have one question concerning your gyro selection though. When you were deciding on a gyro did you ever consider using the HobbyKing GA-250 MINI-MEMS Gyro? Just wondering, because from the reviews I've read it seems more people prefer it to the Hobby King 401B AVCS Digital Head Lock Gyro that you used. It's also a couple dollars less.

Right now I just have the helicopter, and I'm trying to figure out what components to get for it. Since I'm no where near advanced maneuvers. I'll probably just use HXT-900's for the cyclic servos. I haven't decided on a tail servo yet. The specs on the HD servos look good. But I'm a little hesitant to use one of these based on things I've read in reviews. I plan on using the motor you used, and probably the ESC, too. Although I've grown fond of my Plush ESC's in my airplanes. Would the 40A Turnigy Plush ESC be a suitable replacement for the ESC you used? Because I already have one in stock, and wouldn't need to buy one if it is.

Anyway, the main thing I was wondering about was the gyro. I was just wondering if you considered the gyro I mentioned when you chose the one you used, and if so, what factors guided you to the one you ended up using?

Thank you,

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