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I now have a small batch of the updated version of the meter completed and available. The new version is essentially the same as the original except for the automatic mode change from ‘Pack’ mode to ‘Cell’ mode when the search wire is inserted into the balance connector.
Accuracy and performance is unaffected and the unit is still protected against reverse connection on both power and search wire inputs whilst the unit is more convenient to use. A copy of the specification and instructions for use is attached as a Word document.
Despite my efforts to minimise costs, the price has had to increase although shipping costs have fallen slightly. The previous source of very cheap displays has disappeared and component costs have risen way ahead of inflation.
I am not intending to make any significant profits from the project as it is just a hobby, but it must at least break even. Obviously I am prejudiced but I believe that the information it produces for the serious flyer will more than return costs in separating the wheat from the chaff in the lipo world.
You can ignore the “C” rating on the pack and measure its real capability in a few seconds.

Prices are now:-

----------------------------US Dollars------UK Pounds------UK Pounds

Unit Price----------------$85.00------------£48.50----------£48.50

P&P + Insurance--------$14.00------------£3.90------------£6.20
---------------------(To USA + ROW)--------(To UK)--------To Europe)

Paypal please although I can take UK cheques.
Will be pleased to answer any questions.
PM me if you want one and I will return e-mail address

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