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How would you set up control surfaces on a lifting body glider?

Using the X-24a as an example

I'm mostly wondering about speed control. My design will have the rudder. I'm thinking of angling the wings further down for roll control surfaces and using a split rudder as a simple speed brake.

Or I can go with the rudder ... as a rudder lol and upper body flap for a speed brake (but that disrupts flow over the rudder) and then X-24a style rear body flaps for roll control.

I'm looking to minimize weight and control functions.

It only has to stay wings level and autopilot (I'm leaning toward the Ardupilot Mega) itself to preprogrammed coordinates by way of a simple, falling glide.

Does the APM do elevons? If so I believe that would simplify things. And I could hook the throttle control to a split rudder speed brake. No brake='max throttle' and some/all brake='less/no throttle'.

Would a lower body flap (like the shuttle), dropping the nose, increase the horizontal speed component or just the vertical component? Could that be run as a throttle increase by the autopilot?
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