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Mike, I've read about that. When I got my Medallion I spent a whole evening searching out information about it.
My TT needles and bladder kit was in the mail at 10 AM this morning. I combined the TT instructions with the Clstunt tutorials and I love it. I had no idea you only needed an inch of tube to make a bladder. My first one was bigger, but perfect for the Stuntman, and will hold 2 ounces. I put a check valve and a Luer-Lock adapter on its ass end so I can screw the syringe on and off without clamping while I fill it.

I have a question though. I bought some Tee fittings. I would like to put one between the tank and the business end of the bladder to make it easy to evacuate the air prior to filling. But the Tee has such small inside diameter I don't want to restrict fuel flow. But that won't matter will it? The engine will just ask for a little more needle, right?

EDIT: I mounted it on the Stuntman and put 40cc in it and the plane balances perfectly. No difference full or empty so it should fly fine this weekend. I put a wider venturi and a 5x3 prop on it and cranked it with 20cc. It ran for about 2:30 or so. That's how long a Black Widow runs on 8cc. Super easy to crank, easier than with vacuum feed. I just spun it giving the needle little tweaks and when it started, I spun the needle open until it kept running. I got it on about the third or fourth spin. The needle runs good at one place, it's really sensitive. But That's the fastest I ever heard one run other than on youtube. It never wavered and would have flown straight up if I had let go. One thing; I held the plane by the fuse behind the wing and the exhaust oil on my hand was gray. That bothered me, but all of the oil on the plane was clear pinkish, no gray on the plane except near the tail. I hope that sounds normal

I can't wait to give it another flight. I'll prop it down to a 6x3 for the next test flight and get it on video. I don't think I'll be slamming the ground this time since it's balanced right.
I need to make a spare bladder. I have enough fittings for one more. I'll buy a few more fittings, and it looks like I'll be needing more fuel too.
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