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Over to the 2012 Build-Off

Hi All,

OK, I've made the decision to transfer my "Falcon" ramblings to the 2012 Build Off thread!!!
For the record, and concerning Taplin Twins, I dug out the Aeromodeller account of of the Charlie Dance / Wally Skeels world record flight (in the July 1960 A/M). Their Smog Hog (a little bit smaller than a Falcon) weighed 10.5 lbs at take-off (actually, the FAI authorised a hand launch because of the rough state of the Lympne airport runway). The 10.5 lbs included 30 oz of fuel, so the plane without fuel weighed around 8.6 lbs.
They never had any problem with engine power (and they did have elevator control). Their engine was a TT Mk I, which is a bit less powerful than the Mk II or Mk III which I shall be using.
Finally, during the winter, I had intended drawing on George's wisdom to convert the attached KK Pirate to RC. It only weighs 6.6 oz as shown, and is nose heavy, needing around 10 g under the tailplane to fly FF, so it would be an ideal conversion candidate.
However, all that has just gone out of the window, and will have to wait until after the Build off!
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