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Originally Posted by CaptJac View Post
Taking Off With RC Helicopters - FAQs 102 is finally here and to celebrate my new book (and the holidays) - I'm giving it away - or it least I'm giving some of it away. Why? Because it my 2nd book - AND it pretty durn good - AND it answers a lot of the questions mostly frequently asked in this forum - AND it is written in an easy-to-read and understand question & answer format (with lots of pretty pictures) - AND I spent a heck of a lot of time writing it and don't do any good if I'm the only one reading it. Did I mention it was my 2nd book?

How do you get a copy? If you want the FREE sample (who doesn't want a free sample?) I'll send you one. No hitches - no hidden gotchas - it that easy - and it that good! You'll like it - ask Mikey!! Write your email address HERE > ___________ and I'll send it to you. No worries about junk mail or spybots or stuff like like that - I'm just like you - only older () - and will be mailing from my own email address.

If you prefer not to make your email public - write your RCG name HERE > _________ and I'll contact you for your email address. If you like it (you will) you can download the full version at LULU.COM or the book version with a really neat plastic binder so you can read it without holding it - which is kind of nice when you fixing and tweaking your heli. Published by (they publish as well as sell books) and they do a heck of a good job - outstanding quality - and a super low price. Royalty wise - I would do better selling pencils on the street corner - but if I was trying to get rich I wouldn't be writing and I'd be running the Phoenix Simulator Flight School. Come to think of it - I've been doing that for free the last couple of years and trained hundreds (did he say hundreds?) of students on this forum- each training lasting about 2 hours - you can do the math. Anybody wanna buy a pencil ?
RCG name = Stamp.
I would like a copy.
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