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Building a V4 "XTREME sports V2" in 20+X steps

Step 13:


Ok, so this turned in the end out to be the most disappointing step in the course of the build.
Firstly, because to connect the frame and the landing gear, I needed to take a good deal of the landing gear apart again, because otherwise I would not have been able to reach the connection screws.

Secondly, and that is far more IMPORTANT, I encountered a problem that can justifiably be described as DISTURBING!!!
I wrote about the "material aspect" of the landing gear in post#10 - and the review suggests that I was pretty happy with what I got for my money (the 12.99$ I paid at Miracle-Mart).
However, during the course of the V4 XTREME build I had to find out a very disturbing fact - I was not able to get any battery into the battery cage except the 600mAh battery from my Free Spirit (which means - and I tested this today - the RHINO 650mAh batteries fit as well ... and those are 20C, while the Free Spirit battery is only 10C)
Let this sink in:
It was not possible to insert the V4 ESKY stock battery (well, it would have been with the use of a LOT of brute force ... so much infact, that it would have been a MAJOR problem to get the battery out again ... even more so un-damaged!!!
And the Turnigy Nano-Tech 850mAH 40C battery was a totally hopeless case!!

I have no idea what the guys at XTREME thought when they decided the specs for the new landing gears battery cage, but it does not seem to me as if they had a sample battery to make sure it would actually fit!!

The only immediate remedy to this situation would have been to cut the battery holder apart in the middle and hope that the tension would be strong enough to hold the battery in place.

So not only did the designers limit the dimensions of the new battery cage to the stock battery size (which I already criticized in post#10) - NO! - they actually made the cage even too small for the stock battery (let alone some stronger alternative)

Well, we are all modders (almost anyway) and so this is not that big a deal at the end of the day (in terms of having an idea on what to do about it) ... however, I can only say that it definitely should not happen/have happened!! Not with a newly designed part that just hit the market and even more so not if this part is supposed to be "high-end"!!

So, as I already suggested, I have a pretty concise idea on what to do about it, but it will take me weeks to be able to realize it ... (however when I finally will have done that, this landing gear will be better and more versatile than ever before (as usual, the early adopters are the beta-testers)

(yeah, so go and READ!!!, Xtreme !

It only took me about 6min to assemble the landing gear (thanks to the really good instruction manual that XTREME provides) - but it took me a lot more to finally mount the frame to it ... let alone find a battery that fits it!

Off course it is imperative to also install the tail boom (ie mount it to the frame) BEFORE mounting the frame (and boom) to the landing skid.

EDIT1: 11-30-11
Total current cost: 208.08$

EDIT2: 12-01-11
The most ridiculous thing (in a bad way - even more so because I cant prove it until I find my [still UNopened] XTREME 850mAh/25C battery ... again ...) is that XTREMES O W N !!! battery would not fit into this battery cage if I tried (and would not use "excessive force" ...)
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