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OK, the keel is finished. Several pieces for the bow and the one for the stern were laser cut. This made it pretty simple to cut them out and lightly sand the edges, just enough to sand the dark brown from the laser cutting. Each piece was doubled, except the long portion of stock 1/4 X 1/2 basswood Dumas recommends using epoxy for the glue up of the keel but I used CA. It works just as good on wood as epoxy, you'll destroy the wood before you break the seam.

A full size plan for the keel was provided for assembly. Put down wax paper and glued the parts together, allow to set overnight. Very basic.

Building the frames was just as easy. They were cut out of their carrier boards, edges sanded inside and out. A right and left were glued and a length across the top (deck level) added. Each one was dry fitted to the keel to make sure it would fit and sanded accordingly. Most had to be sanded so the would fit on the keel properly. Frame ten is not glued together, it is glued to either side of the frame later.

Two jigs are supplied, these are used to align the keel to keep it straight. A line is drawn down the center of the building board, and a vertical line down the corner of each jig. The jigs are glue to the building board to line up with the center line drawn. The frames are then put in place and aligned with marks that were place on the keel during construction from the plans. A jig is provided to use with frames to get to the proper angle on the keel. They will tilt a little toward the stern. I'm not really sure why, but I'm following the instructions. When each frames is in place, it is glued to the keel and to the building board. When all the frames were glued, I glued a stringer down each side, be sure to dry fit the stringer in it's slot before glueing to the keel, it'll be very hard to sand it after it's in place. I will use a small wood chisel to knock it loose. Should work great. You can't hurt the frames as the have small "feet" on the for this purpose.

Next, I'll start planking the hull......
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