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Originally Posted by texasmic View Post
Bonjour Mamethot,
Since you have already purchased a one-piece landing gear, I assume you're read all the FAQ on the Stintson web page.
Here's a quote I copied from one of the builders:
"Strengthen the gear
Well it's well documented in this topic that the gear area is weak at best, the design of a two piece gear along with the way it is tied into the structure, for the weight of the plane is not functional for anything other than static display. The first landing showed me that. So a one piece gear or a tie in between the two is the way to go. Also the structure needs more surface attach area to the fuselage than print calls for. I put blocks on the forward and aft sides of the gear mounting plate and reinforced them with fiberglass cloth. The additional weight was nominal for the return. I see you went with the tire rubber around the strut fairing to gear fairing. That also cracks out if the gap is not big enough to take the flex of the gear. Depending on how you glued the windshields to the struts is an issue for me. The paint cracked due to flex in that area. The real aircraft has fairings that cover the seams. while I noticed they were still glued, the appearance was lacking so I plan to cut some plastic strips from the stuff that came with the kit to go over these areas."

Hope that helps.

I too am going to build this airplane. Have had one in my shop for several years. The G-38 is a beautiful engine for this project, although I'm going to use a 160 twin for mine, which is presently in a staggerwing.
I'll enjoy your build thread along with you.
Texas Mic
That's interesting news about the landing gear, I'm currently in the middle of this same build. Just about at the stage of installing the gear struts. I'll make these mods before going forward. Thanks for the info.

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