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Falcon again

Thanks gentlemen,
I've convinced myself that the TT will be OK providing I'm careful about the tracking.
A few other comments: My problem stems from the fact that, being an old free-flighter (mainly), I always hand launch (Jr 60s & similar), especially as the old engines I use don't usually have throttles.
However, the Majestic Major is obviously beyond the possibility of hand launching, especially for someone flying alone. So the MM was/is take-off only. Unfortunately, on the second flight (years ago), I flew it out of range and it became the only RC model I've ever crashed. The crash didn't do terminal damage and the plane was flying again three days later, but I've never been able to bend the the undercarriage back into anything like proper alignment. The result was years of "hairy" take-offs, until finally the inevitable ground loop, when I decided to provisionally retire it, pending a new U/C, which is still the case today.
I've also been a bit persuaded by Doc's "only 7.5 lbs". I thought it would weigh quite a bit more. My MM weighs 9lbs.
Anyway, Thanks to you both!
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