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What kind of micro servos are these?

I purchased a model with servos already in it (an ARF if you will) and I was under the assumption that it had mini-JST servo leads. But after a long wait, and me finally getting my mini-JST receiver ordered, I now discover that I do NOT have mini-JST servos. They are in fact something else completely. Please tell me what I have here and what kind of receiver I need to make them work. I'm on the verge of just cutting leads and soldering on regular servo plugs (should have done that from the beginning in hindsight).

In the picture below. The lead on the left is the mini-JST (the one with the blue signal wire). You'll notice that the power is on the outside and not in the middle. I'm now beginning to understand that this is typical of mini-JST servos?? The plug on the right is the one in my model. It has a standard configuration of a regular servo lead with the power on the middle prong. It is slightly smaller in size and the leads are a tiny bit closer together than the mini-JST receiver plugs (so it won't even plug in even if I switched wires).
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