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i got my dx5e a few years ago. still using atmel atmega8 chips.

and, what do you mean, 'clears all controls?"

EDIT: and there is a 6th reversing sw hidden beneath the front cover. nver noiced it. changes mode 1 to mode 2, or visca versa.

2ND EDIT: OH, NOW I ....sorry. now i see what it does. recalibrates the pot position and travel. usefull to know, if the pots ever die, thoe 12k are hard to find. u could just swap any in and re calabrate......... you said there were two unaccounted for?
channel 5 and 6 jsut have 2 wires, i am assuming a simple sw to ground, the AVR's have a hard time with positive singnals in. i am wondering if you could attach pots to channel 5 and 6, run a + from the batt, and recalabrate, and get full, real servo outputs on those channel...........but i guess that would be a big secert they dont watn you to know. i mean, if that were ture, why would i ever buy a DX6i?

just tried it, and can confirm that the left rudder, trainer sw and power on does clear. his sequence is correct, except for one bit. on my dx5e, throttle and rudder left stic, was full up and left 1st, then full down and right, 2nd. i used the other 4 beeps for the four points on the right stick, as i only had haft movement. might this be related to the position of the mode switching sw?
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