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Re taking off; as I said Brian, I can only really relate to electrics. My Halfax Spartan is about 2/3rds the size of the Falcon and of similar configuration. The 300 watt Turnigy motor in it is severe overkill, I have it propped down to 250 watts but even so at full throttle it is off the (very) rough grass in my adjacent field in less than 2 metres - talk about STOL, well, STO at least. That's what it looks like in the photo. However, given a decent surface at one of the local club firlds I do proper take offs at half throttle, which my watt meter tells me is 120 watts, the tail is up in five metres and it is easily off and gently climbing in 10-12 metres. I'm not sure how to relate the electric figures to the Taplin, but the point I am making is that, with the original undercarriage position (typically far forward vintage), it tracks and takes off fine on very little power, which actually surprised me rather as I would normally move the undercart back a bit on a model like this or expect it to be ground loopy.
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