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I cranked out the extra this week for a bit of fun. Its been about a month of other flying and repairs plus a new Tx upgrade that had me back to learning how to set things up again.

Anyway, I swapped the Scorpion from the SW Yak over to this bird and set it up on the new Futaba 8FG Super.

One thing I learnt is when you copy across plane set ups, go through the subtrim menu and start again from scratch.

I forgot with this plane, copied across the Yak set up and took to the air. Found I was massively out of trim on the elevator and ailerons. Damn rookie mistake.

Set it down carefully, fixed the setup and flew another 6 packs.

This is such a nice plane, totally different to the Yak which has been getting a flogging of late. The one thing I notice is that the Yak feels like it has a more narrow wingspan when flying and the Extra feels like a larger span.

I know it in my head but they both fly great and repair easy peezy also.

Love the scorpion 3020 in the extra, it was no good for me in the yak. Made the yak too nose heavy with the 2200mA lipos I fly so I swapped out and put an Omega130 into the yak and zip around on 14x7 with that plane.
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