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Originally Posted by Gregor99 View Post
To be honest, it will probably be fine. If were me, I'd solder. I like overhead when its comes easy and inexpensively. Now that you've gone to all that trouble, with the crimps and nice coverings, I'd test at 15 amps and take a measurement with your IR gun. If you get some heating consider soldering. Otherwise you are good to go. Are you running both supplies through that one plug? Or do you have two plugs?
Yes, I'm going to solder those joints. The crimps seems pretty secure. Better than those joints in the pics.

Yes, both supply on one AC cord.

I talked to a rep at meanwell. He says my power supply runs on AC at 10.1A each at full throttle (1000w). Since the power supply is 27v, the max I can occupy with the pl6 is around 816w. Which is around 80% of 1000w. So Im thinking around 16A (8A each) with the chargers full power, using those 816w each. Also, I'm sure (I hope) I won't be maxing both chargers at the same time.
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