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Originally Posted by Bare View Post
Surprised the no pressure balloon tank failed you. Too small a fuel line? Too small a balloon. Dunno.. somethings' weird, should of worked perfectly.
No matter.
USE thin wall surgical tubing for the Bladder. Use a Syringe to fill it/control amount injected a bulldog type clamp on the fuel line until it fires up on prime. USE a 5 x3 rubber ducky.... And 42' lines ... Tach revs to less than 25K in hand.
Gotta learn to avoid dorking as well. At least keep the NV less than break the plastic tight so it can rotate back.. when you bury it
KK needle assembly.... pretty near universal. Still sold, saw it listed just the other week (different 'name' same part), but most of my fave links are Dead. Can't find it just now.
Try that RJL twit?
The no pressure bladder worked great on the bench, but I didn't have it in a good container for its shape, letting it flop too much. It was round and I needed a tubular shaped balloon like the one I use for the pressure bladder, only bigger to hold enough fuel. I'll try it again for the Jumpin bean or the Li'l Satan with the Medallion.

I thought of leaving the NV loose enough to move back without bending, but I guess it was still to tight. Remember I mentioned before, that's my only fault, over tightening.

Dorking pisses me off to no end. I usually only do it when the engine unexpectedly cuts out. I think I finally have that solved. I should have balanced with a full tank, and shoulda not flown again hoping the balance would come back as I used up the fuel. Yada yada yada.

Got a new Texas Timers NVA ordered, $15 bucks. I'm going to build a new plane with the proper nose to mount a TD/Medallion.

I know it's not a Norvel, but I like my two new engines. Much better than fuel challenged 8cc Bees.
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