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Originally Posted by sonny1 View Post
Yes, edf's are a little different, especially when hand launching. Make sure you launch outward with a slightly nose up attitude, but don't toss it up or it will stall. I'll attach a video of me launching mine, (your results may vary as I use a Wicked 4800kv motor on a Hyperflow fan; a little hotter than the stock set up...3S though). The EF-16 flies better than most sport planes, extremely stable and easy to fly. Coming upwind into a breeze you can go dead stick and just glide it in for a landing. Mine comes in at 22 oz AUW w/ an Enerland 25C 2200mah lipo. You might consider looking at some of Morgan RC's after market stuff for the plane, I use the screw mounts on mine and love them, (easy access to the power system): And, here's that vid: Sonny
Thanks for the video. The launch is really what worries me more than anything. I live at 5600 feet above sea level and it can make hand launching a lot of things interesting to say the least. I have a Ritewing Demon that I hand launch and it scares me to death every time I do. If I go down closer to sea level hand launches are a piece of cake. The plane has a 40 inch wing span and weighs right at 70 ounces. If you can make it past the first two seconds your in great shape, the plane does fast really well but doesn't do slow at all.
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