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I finally tried a pressurized bladder tank

That no-pressure bladder I was working on last week is a dog in the air. Great in the shop and great for flying flat laps and a loop here and there. But worthless for any wild flying.

I made my first pressurized bladder today. I had some tube shaped balloons and I put one inside another for double thickness, and inserted the same perforated tube I used in the other bladder. I put that into a 1.5 ounce turkey baster syringe and mounted it to the underside of the Stuntman23 wing. It works perfect, best fuel feed I ever had with any engine and tank.
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I had always thought cranking a TD with a pressure feed was some fancy dance. Maybe it is for you guys that use higher pressure, but this was easy. With the NV closed I primed it through the venturi and spun it over to burn some but not all of it off. Then opened the needle a tweak at a time until it cranked, then kept riching it up until it held on. It ended up being happy at about 3 turns with the 128 TPI NVA.

I put a Top Flite 6x4 nylon prop to help chop through the wind and to keep it a little slow for the test flight. I sent it off and it never stutters or misses no matter what I do. It is just as happy upside down as right side up or any other position for as long as I want. In other words it works perfectly.

The only unfortunate thing was I balanced the plane with an empty tank. That was a very bad mistake. I felt like I was flying a wild pig with a mind of its own, plus it was a little windy, 15-20 mph. Next time I'll know better and balance it with a full tank. Probably should have used a 6x3 rubber ducky. Anyway, I flew a bunch of inverted laps and it drew fuel perfevtly. Unfortunately the pig did one perfect figure 9. So now I need to buy a new needle because mine is bent, and by bent, I mean FUBAR.

Does it matter what brand as long as it's 128 TPI? Maybe I can't buy just a needle by itself. Is Texas Timers the only source for fine thread NVAs? I can't seem to find any other. I don't know what my brand is, but I can find out, just have to ask fit90, he gave it to me. I thought I had it in a position so if I landed upside down it would just unscrew a little, but I kinda landed hard. No shame, I even posted it on YouTube.
Luckily I have other videos that prove I can actually fly a plane.
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