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Replacing E-Sky HBK4 & BeltCP-V2 head dampers

Both, the Belt CP v2 and the HBK4 have the exact same main rotor heads, so this will be short.

For this you will need two M5.5 sockets, a set of Allen drivers (1.5, 2.0, 2.5 & 3.0 mm). Some paper towels, spindle grease and a few other bits.

These are the offending dampers, I'll order harder ones next, but these should hold another 40 flights or so.

After removing blades, disconnect blade grip links, then unbolt and carefully remove the feathering shaft, don't spill the pieces all over the place. The parts in the picture below are placed in the order they are mounted. Before putting it all back, clean the old grease and slap on some new stuff. The inner thrust bearing halves fit less snugly on the feathering shaft, the bearing races go cupped side in.

This is also a good time to check the rest of the head for any problems, mine looks mostly fine, the linkages are getting loose and I can see some plastic dust mixed with old grease, making for a nasty black goo, but it will hold and outlast these new dampers.

Normally, after putting it all back together, blades need to be tracked, but before you start adjusting the links, switch the blades from one grip to another, you should need very small adjustments, if any.

I could take pictures of reassembly, but they will look the same as the ones in the beginning if you read this from the bottom up. Hope this helps someone.
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