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Originally Posted by cliffkot View Post
Actually, it is the other way around. The Corona FM 8 channel receivers have superior range than the Futaba FM receivers. Also, the stock Futaba receivers do not handle glitches well. When the Futaba receiver glitches, the servos are jammed full one way or the other.

The downside of the Corona's is poor servo resolution. This really shows up around neutral centering. I have found it not a problem on some models, but on others it is very annoying. You have to test.

SOME coronas out perform futaba RX's but the qaulity control is not so good on them. Sherrer did a test a few years ago andthe one he tested was very good. However, do a search for corona and you will see many posts about range issues. I use them myself and they are hit or miss, sometimes you get a good one, sometimes you get a bad one. Futaba's are not this way, the QC is good and generally speaking, you always get a good one. Corona's are a gamble, in my experience.

As far as the full deflection on futaba rx's, I've never had this happen to me. They glitch like any other RX I have used (twitches in control surfaces, slow response to inputs). I think you are talking about an improperly setup failsafe.
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