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Stick 180 wings and tail

Pictures of stick plane with 180 wings and tail


Continuing the experimentation I have rebuilt the foam stick plane using cardboard wings and tail. The material used is "Bristol Board" or thin card.

The wing is made out of the cardboard with a single spar over which the cardboard is folded. The wing is solid cardboard.

The tail and rear stabilizer are single side thin cardboard except for the folded leading edge. The fuselage is the original wooden stick that came with the original plane model and is very stiff and strong. The propeller is a Guiilows like unit about 6 inches in diameter (15cm). Power is provided by a loop of 3mm wide rubber that can take upto 10 turns without breaking.

As you have guessed, the wings and tail are patterned after a 1/32 scale Cessna 180.


Span: 40 cm (10 ")

Weight: 30 g (estimated)


How does it fly? Quite well, given the fact that it is still unstable in pitch. After trimming out the initial tendency to bank left and turn it performed a few straight , stable flights on 140 turns. It does fly.

Durability is the key factor here: the pictures you see have been taken after about 10 flights, all of them ending in a sort of crash or another. Under these conditions the model has stood up quite well, thanks to the stick fuselage, rugged prop and also the material used.

The material used makes for a relatively smooth finish that can be painted and finished nicely for a scale model. Basically the Cessna 180 wings and tail are done now, and the wing can be made somewhat lighter than this one.
Scale models now seem within reach, at least a scale model that will putter around the 'front yard' without breaking any endurance records. For a child who assembles and builds such a model, there is a great deal that can be learned from this model and can pave the way for model building.

Next Steps
A full fuselage model is under construction, and since weights are satisfactory for my purposes, it looks like it will fly as well. This model, lets call it the Stick 180, will be balanced properly and flown again, possible with added camber and more power.
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