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I got wrapped up doing a major sewer pipe repair job and while I was fixing that everybody joined in! Fun stuff, under the house, cutting and gluing pipe, the whole nine yards...
I'll try to answer everyone.

All, Thanks for the compliments on the Hellcat. It was a long road to get it trimmed out but now flies well. Last night I redesigned the aileron linkage system and now have much more throw. Tried to fly it this morning but it was way too windy and after crashing it 3 times I gave up. Nice thing about small models is they can crash into the grass and suffer no damage due to the low mass.

Hi Mark.
Yeah, it's that easy. Set copier contrast to as dark as you can before the lines get fuzzy and make copies.
Set the copies onto the wood. Set covering iron to high and iron the copy until the toner transfers. Sometimes it will warp the wood. If that happens place a plain piece of paper on the opposite side of the wood and iron until flat.

Dan, glad you joined in the fun.

Gupi, I've been following your build. I haven't tried one of the laser cut versions yet.

Fuzz, I find it more of a challenge to get the small ones to fly.
The Hellcat weighs 54 grams rtf with a 160 single cell. This is kind of on the porky side but it flies pretty good.

Ausf, The model is covered in the kit tissue that was given 2 coats of thinned dope then one light coat of color. I airbrushed on one light coat of MM, it covers the tissue very well.
I haven't tried the Vallejo paints only because nobody locally stocks them.

J.B. Still have one AR6400 waiting to put in a certain model, you now which one...

Paul, tricks,,, me???

Onna, I read through your thread, that was back when we didn't have the lightweight stuff we have now.
Yeah, I think a fully sheeted model would be even porkier than my 54 gram Hellcat!

This being a short nose model we need to eliminate as much tail weight as possible.
All the formers aft of the trailing edge were cut from light 1/32" sheet.
Here are a few pics of the basic fuse construction.

glewis is online now Find More Posts by glewis
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