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Hitec Aurora 9 and Model Match

Originally Posted by Axle209 View Post
Does anybody know if the Aurora 9 radio when use on 2.4 system, if you designate a different model profile, will the radio still operate the servos with a different plane. I'm told other radios will not let you fly your model on the wrong setup. You can only bind one plane profile to one receiver.
Further to post #2

"Model match" is proprietary (patent) to the Spektrum system only.
However, general concensus now is that the Hitec system, like some Futaba top end sets,
confirming model and frequency before transmitting begins is better.
Topic has been revived several times on this and related threads with clear majority,
similar to international forums, no longer favouring "model match" with it's own inherent problems.
Aurora model selection process being more flexible, permits use of multiple transceivers and or receivers
for redundancy in valued models at the same time.
For those who have used the model match system, simlar to playing a musical instrument, one quickly adapts
to slight changes and appreciate overall benefits of an enhanced system.

For those that really want "Model Match" there are aftermarket alternatives,
such as ModelGuard but even Modelguard were offering two for one to boost sales after
earlier discount offers as Model Match is not as popular as the few would have the many believe.

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