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Hi Reaper802,

Greg at sells the Rhino 3s/750 20c packs for the McFoamy XL and I have been using them for a few years now and have been very happy with them.

I am currently running the GWS 9x5 DD prop on my XL. This prop will work very well and you can also get that from Greg. I like the GWS prop because it is a little bit flexible so it will take some abuse. The APC 10x3.8SF prop will work well also but be sure to order a few as they will crack and break even using a prop saver. If you do go with the GWS 9x5DD prop be sure to use two prop bands to hold it on the prop saver. It still allows for flexibility needed with impacts and you won't loose as much power. I have been very impressed with the performance of the 9x5DD and how durable it is, in fact I don't use a prop saver and just run the regular prop adapter.

EPP will accept most any paint and will resist melting with most solvents. On all my previous builds I have used Krylon "Short Cuts" craft paint which is available at most Michaels craft stores.


Originally Posted by Reaper802 View Post
Looking to pick up an XL for X-Mas and have a few quick questions.

I see a bunch of guys recommending the Gens Ace 3S 800mAh 25C battery. All I can find are 20C at HobbyPartz:

Is this the correct battery?

I'm planning on going with the recommended Suppo motor and early reports seem to favor the APC 10 x 3.8 SF prop. Doesn't look like I can order them with the kit so I guess a Tower order will have to be made:

Going to go with the unpainted version to save $20.00 and plan on doing a quick rattle can job on it. Any advice on what paint is safe? I've heard good things about Krylon.

She is going to be my first trip to 3D land so she doesn't need to be pretty, just needs some color for orientation.
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