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Got the maiden flight in on my little Icon today. Ran it up at home and the stock motor and prop seemed to have decent power...more than some have implied. Decided the flaps could wait for a future modification session.

I was using a 40c 1300 lipo, so it might be delivering a little more voltage under load than the smaller suggested battery. To get the proper balance, the 1300 3 cell was strapped in crossways, almost touching the servos in the fuse. The RX (Orange 6 channel Spektrum) ended up under the wing.

I lucked out on the Icon tail markings. Turns out the extra Icon logos that go on the nose of my large Icon are a perfect fit for the tail markings on the little Icon. Since you get three nose decals on the alrge Icon, I had all I needed for the tail of the small one.

Did the maiden from land, on the supplied landing gear, flying off the local high school remote parking lot.

Nice ground handling on the stock gear. Flew nicely! Rapid acceleration and a smooth lift off. Not all that fast at full throttle, but more than fast enough. Model needed about 3/32" of up trim under power...not unexpected. the stock ESC is not very linear, but that is common among low end ESCs.

Roll rate was satisfactory with the fairly small ailerons. Tested the torque effects of the stock motor and prop and it did exhibit some left wing drop when I blipped the trottle from low to high in slow flight. Not an issue at higher speeds. I can see how it could cause the left sponson to go under during a water takeoff....Looks like it would be fairly controllable if power is advanced at a slow pace. I stil plan on adding a little volume to the sponsons before taking it to the water.

Did a number of passes in slow flight and was glad to see that the model does slow down nicely without flaps. Did about 10 touch and go landings and discovered that the model does best with a little power down to the flare, going to idle as the flare starts. Got a good number of very smooth landings at a low touchdown speed.

I did sand down the leading edge of the wing a little with some 280 grit paper to remove a faint trace of the mold line there.....I always do this with my foam models to make sure that the mold line does not act like a stall strip

The pusher prop does make some noise, being quite close to the trailing edge of the wing. Moving the motor aft about 1/4" might reduce the noise a little.

Getting late in the season here for water flying, but might get a chance to try ROW at the local park pond in the next few weeks.

Liking the little Icon so far!
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