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Originally Posted by Dr Kiwi View Post
"High rate performance"......Running 'em at a maximum of 4C is not worthwhile......What I want to see is the discharge curve at the 30C rate... a 2200 @ 30C = 66A... only then can we see if they hold up to their advertised rating... i.e. that they can deliver the full C-rate discharge at above 3v/cell for 90% of the rated capacity..... that's almost 2 minutes before they hit LVC.
4C is the maximum I could run with the CBA III. The difference in mid point voltage from C/5 (440 mA) and the mid point at 4C will allow you to calcualte (V1 - V2)/(I2 - I1) the internal impedance and then get a pretty good indication of capacity delivered to cutoff at the 30C rate.

What you want to see is the 30C discharge. I don't have the equipment to provide that kind of a load. I don't think many would run 2200 mAH pack at 66 amps in the first place.

Better than this I would like to see any manufacture or provider of LiPo packs show THEIR test data supporting 20C/30C/40C or 50C claims along with the service longevity when discharged at these rates.
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