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UPDATE to off-topic update

Well, i was clearly in error: young Kiki had not learned to keep distant from a 5888. Or at least he thought he'd found an exception to the rule.

Today he was perched well up & away, happily watching, whistling and making heli noises as I zoomed one around. Then he flew down to the top of his sleeping-cage .... for safety, I thought.

WRONG! As I landed the 5888, he obviously thought he'd attack it while it was grounded. With the powered blades still whizzing, he suddenly launched at it (he'd previously safely landed on the WHITE tail of the special rubberband livingroom airplane as I was electro-winding it [note: whining motor sound of winder!]). Of course I immediately cut power totally as he unexpectedly POUNCED on the spinning white rotors. There was a momentary tangle of bird & heli, followed by the now instantly-off heli on its side and him slightly "crying" with a hurt leg or foot.

Luckily there was only some pain involved but no obvious internal or external damage to his leg or foot -- which would have been really bad for a thin-boned bird! -- and he can grab equally strongly with both feet. But he held it up as he slept later, so it's a bit sore still > a good reminder, I hope!

And I learned to be more alert to further stupidity on the part of both of us ....

Anyway, so far, so good. On the next 5888 flight, he took off from his high perch and flew down to attack some of his own toys!

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