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I suggest you consider a Slope Soaring plane. Perhaps one made of EPP foam (wont' break easily in a crash...good for beginners). I have read there's some slope soaring going on in Japan. Slope soaring is where the wind hits a hill/cliff and gets blown upwards...the wind moving up pushes your plane up in the air. No motor required (which saves on the cost aswell). Find out if you have a club nearby or anyone into the hobby nearby.

As for the radio, if you can afford it, go for a "computer radio". These radios save the settings for several models and usually will work with any model. The good (popular) brands are Futaba, Hitec, JR, and Airtronics. FM is best.

If you want to get a 2m glider, consider the Gentle's been around for a while and many beginners learn to fly on them. If you build the kit, you can have removable wingtips so that you can transport it easily.

Consider a "Parkflier" type airplane. GWS makes very good parkfliers like the Slowstick and PicoStick.

If you build your plane from a kit, you will know how to fix it better when you crash.

If you can fly a parkflier type plane anywhere in your area, a 2m or less glider should fit well also. If you get a glider, you probably want to put an electric motor in it. You could consider a Hand-lauch-glider which are thrown like a javelin and then glided down or a discus-launch-glider which you swing around real fast and let go then glide down.

If there's a club near you, they might prefer you learn on a trainer-type airplane.

And yes, glowplugs are still how the engines run....and I wouldn't call 37 OLD. I'm 15 and the "Old Newbies" in my club are 2x your age....

Welcome to This is a great site and there are 100s (if not 1000s) of experts here. This is a very good forum for beginners.

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