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Originally Posted by Julez View Post

Haiyin Batteries' representative Eric was kind enough to send me some packs for my general opinion and some tests.

I recieved 2 packs of 3s 1000mAh and 3s 2200mAh each, and one TX battery pack.

All packs are nicely made, with shrink wrap around them and with both ends protected with additional plastic material. The balancing cables are silicon wires, and the main leads as well.
The wire lenght was perfect on the 1000mAh and the TX pack, but a little short on the 2200mAh packs. As one can see in the photos, this issue was corrected.
A nice touch of the TX pack is, that two sets of main leads are present. Some people prefer to open their TX to charge the pack directly. The 2nd set of main leads allows for a dedicated charge connector. This means that the main connector can stay connected all the time, which is a safety improvement.

Before flying, I cycled all packs 2-3 times at a low C-rate.

On all planes, I use my telemetry with capacity warning, which is set to 80% of the capacity.

The 1000mAh packs were tested in a robbe Nano-Racer, which is a small warbird. I used Turnigy Nanotec packs before.
When I used the Haiyin packs without prior warming, they performed just as well. They came out just below handwarm from a flight with continous full throttle, meaning around 15A. Everything works as advertised here.

The 2200mAh packs were used in a MPX FunJet, which pulls between 24 and 30A. It is equipped with a thrust vector system, and a powerful selfbuilt and selfwound motor, allowing for unlimited vertical flight.
Here I used the cheap Turnigy Flightmax before.
When I switched to Haiyin the next flight, I noticed an improvement immediately. Climbing and horizontal speed were both a notch faster, and the sound had a higher pitch as well. My flying buddys beside the field also noticed the better power.

My current workhorse, my new SuperSkyflex Rogallo Plane, also got a lot of flights with the new Haiyin packs. It flies stable enough to allow me to watch the telemetry data on the ground, and after around 15 cycles, both voltage and current have not degraded.
I use 2 2200mAh packs in parallel here, giving me around 20min of flight time.

I have made an aerial video of one of the flights.
As you can see, my neighbor's children like it quite a lot.


What camera are you using in your plane?
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